A BlogHer12 Recap Post with unicorns and stuff

Another BlogHer12 recap. Why not? I had my own unique experience of it all, so I think it’s time for a real recap. The last one was sort of depressing, and since I wrote it I’ve been hanging on the sidelines just observing and I can see clearly now. Who freaking cares who likes me and who doesn’t? The important thing is, the people who DO associate me get to know how awesome I am.

And I am awesome, dammit… this post is not going to be full of self loathing, it’s going to be full of SELF LOVE. But not the Trojan vibrator kind of self love, that kind comes later. Oh yes, there were vibrators. Several. I gleefully took each one despite the fact that I have a basement filled with them. No, I’m not some weird sexhibitionist, I used to be a Pure Romance consultant and stopped before everything sold. So I know my dildos, and now I have more. But I digress. Aside from THOSE kinds of toys there were other kinds of toys, and lots of them.

Before I talk about the toys, the sex toys, and everything in between, let me start at the beginning. I’m going to try to write this up as condensed as possible save for the highlights, because you don’t need to know everything I did at every second.

We left for the airport early in the morning on Thursday, and said goodbye to our two boys. This was the last time that I talked to them literally, until Monday morning. Amazing, really, because I fretted and stressed for two weeks before we left and while we were gone barely thought about being so far away from them. I think the constant influx of wine helped that though. I also didn’t want to call them because I have heard about toddlers being very upset, begging for their parents to “come home” and I knew they were just fine and having fun with their aunt. Back to the airport…

Ah, airport travel without kids…amazing. I forgot what that was like. I am somewhat of an expert about travelling with kids by now, seeing as how we go back and forth to Pennsylvania several times a year. Navigating the airport with kids can be a challenge, but it’s what I’m used to. Navigating the airport without kids was simply a breeze. I was in awe. I was so amazed at the stresslessness (I think I just made that word up) of the process that as soon as beverage service started on the plane, I had a glass of wine. However, a simple glass of wine in a plastic airplane cup just wouldn’t do. Thankfully I had my Riedel O to Go glass packed for the occasion. Coffee and wine, a perfect 10:00am pairing.


We landed in New York City around 1:00, and no, I wasn’t drunk. Also easy that day was travelling out of the airport…within 15 minutes we had our luggage and were in a cab barreling down the streets of New York narrowly avoiding pedestrians with a crazy cab driver. Nick was nervous. I think that is the first time he’s ever been nervous in a car. Me? I figured that this guy does this every single day, he wouldn’t be driving like a maniac if he wasn’t a confident and competent driver. Regardless, I wore my seatbelt and clutched my camera bag lest we get in an accident, and still found time to let go of my white knuckled grip to snap this picture below:

Do I look like I’m afraid that I’m about to die? No, of course not. New York cabbies never get in car accidents, right?

We got to the hotel around 2:00 and were told our room wasn’t ready. They offered free luggage safekeeping to us so we dropped off our bags and then headed to the streets to get some good New York eats. This is the first time I passed the halal cart (they have falafel!) and didn’t buy anything. The first of many, dammit. Just down the street was a Chipotle so we ordered our ol’ reliable favorites (at NYC prices) and settled back into some random couches at the hotel to devour our food.

By the time we officially checked in, got into our room, unpacked and got settled, it was already time to get ready and head out our first arranged official BlogHer12 gathering…hearing President Obama address us. Little did we know it was just a campaign opportunity for him, but I still found it cool to watch.

“blah blah blah if you care about your vagina you won’t vote republican etc etc and so forth”

After that was over, I skipped out and headed straight to my first private party. My first BlogHer-timed private party, like, ever, because last year at BlogHer11 I didn’t even know they existed. The party, Social Luxe, was being held about 6 blocks down. I walked there and really enjoyed pretending that I belonged amongst New York’s finest. The Edy’s Social Luxe Slow-Churned Lounge was awesome, they really put a lot of effort into it. The venue was decorated, the music was bumping, the drink(!) was flowing…oh, big fail there. One drink per person. And if you wanted another one? $13.00. TIMES TWO. Because they wouldn’t let you buy just one drink, oh, no…there was a two drink minimum purchase. But that’s okay, because I got henna…

…and I had a really great time. Good job, guys! If this party happens every year, I want to be there every year. Oh, and the swag was great! As I was about to grab my swag bag and leave, I heard my name being called. I won something! What? I had no idea, but I went up on stage and thanked everyone anyway. I got off stage and asked what I had won. A new kitchen counter from Wilsonart HD! How cool is that? I’ll definitely have to blog about the process when we have that done. I can’t wait to change the look of my kitchen!

I was supposed to meet my husband at the Viacom building in Times Square at 6:30 to head to our timed entrance to The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite. For some reason he got lost on the way there but we finally found each other and headed in around 6:45. Can I say “cool”? This party was sweet! No wonder they call it Sweet Suite. There were toys galore, everywhere we looked. Toys to inspect, toys to play with, and even huge bags of toys to take home. Not only that, but the party venue itself had an outdoor terrace that looked over Times Square and afforded beautiful views such as this:

New York doesn’t seem so intimidating from way up here

Sweet Suite had an open bar where I had another glass of wine and they had Pinkberry there serving up free fresh frozen yogurt and all of the toppings imaginable. Delish!

my Awesome Husband eating pinkberry.

After we left Sweet Suite I didn’t have much time, but needed to stop back at our hotel room to drop off my insane swag before I headed to my third and final private event of the night… Social Soiree.

Here’s where I really let loose. Social Soiree did the bar thing right. Open bar meant all the wine I could drink in 1 hour (I arrived a little late) and that amounted to, well, only 2 glasses. I talked to many fabulous people, got my picture taken by Veronica Armstrong and I stayed until the very end, when the lights came on. By the time I got back to the hotel (about 9:30) it was already time for…


Sparklecorn is kinda like Vegas, meaning, “What happens at Sparklecorn, stays at Sparklecorn”. Except, much like Vegas, I can’t really remember what happened and I honestly don’t remember meeting some people in person that I later “met” on Twitter. Cough, Mae, cough. But we did meet and we even have pictures to prove it, although obviously the memories of our meeting are going to stay at Sparklecorn. Until next year…

Mae from lifescandy.com and Eileen from uncoveringbliss.com and me.

Oh! And there was a cake:

a non-racist (apparently it was last year) but excessively large unicorn cake that someone later smashed and caused all kinds of blogger drama until it was announced that the cake is actually smashed every year and that people should get their panties unwadded about it.

I sparkled up the night and then headed back to the hotel room with the husband where I poured myself into bed and slumbered peacefully through the night for the first time in over two years.

I’m sorry to say that despite my best efforts (really, I tried) this is going to have to be a “to be continued” type of post and I’ll write the rest on some future date unless I forget to in which case I hope you have enjoyed reading about 1 day of my trip. So…

To be Continued…

This is My Face – In Your Face #BlogHer12 Introduction

I have to post a self portrait for this post. I think it is supposed to be makeup free and generally how I’d look if I rolled out of bed and attended the conference. I’m sorry, but I am way too lazy for that. While I am, in fact, not wearing makeup at the moment, that involves finding a memory card, finding my camera, taking a picture, downloading it, converting it, cropping, and uploading. Instead, I’m posting a headshot that my husband took of me three, yes, only three days ago. I had him take it because I really needed a picture for my business cards that was current. So, because it’s so easily available, that’s what you’re getting.

This, is my face:


Yes, it is edited. Not fair? Here’s the unedited version…I’ll even up the ante a little bit give you double the size so that you can zoom in and contemplate the size of my pores or the dry skin on my forehead. I don’t care. Pick me apart.

Now that that part is over, where to begin… how about a list of things you should know about me. Kind of like, conversation starters. Ask me about my Buffy the Vampire Slayer 12″ Spike Figurine. Stuff like that. Here we go…

- I am not 30 years old yet. Not quite. Almost. But not yet.

- I will be taking an epic vacation with awesome friends to celebrate my 30th birthday, 3 weeks before my actual birthday. Which means I’ll get to come home and still enjoy being not 30 for a few weeks. Even through Christmas. This will be my last Christmas in my 20s.

- I have two children, boys. I wanted a girl. Quinn is 2 and Gavin is 9 months. They will do. For now.

- I refuse to be pregnant before January 1st because I don’t want to be pregnant on my 30th birthday. I want to be drunk.

- I am a professional photographer. It’s really weird calling myself that. I am even a member of the PPA. I don’t think they accept people based on talent though, otherwise I’m not sure I’d be in.

- I am very critical of myself.

- I like to drink beer. All beer.

- I like to drink wine.

- I like to eat. All food. Except pâté. Anything but pâté.

- I don’t know anything about wine except that I like it. So don’t try to discuss the age of grape varietals with me.

- I can be very sarcastic. Some people get confused and can’t tell. I’m sorry if that happens to you.

- Regarding the Spike doll referenced above, I used to be obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I will still talk about it with any willing participant. Are there BtVS bloggers? Because if not, there should be. Even now.

- I used to be a sex toy consultant, it didn’t last long, but I am comfortable talking about my vagina. I actually referenced it a few times today on twitter. It’s always with me.

- Today I wrote my blog link down for my esthetician after spending the better part of a half hour discussing the convention and my blog. Re: last fact – it’s awkward to talk about my vagina in front of someone who just saw it. Hi, Ginger, if you’re reading this… you’re the most awesome waxer in the world!

- I am a non-active workout junkie. I seriously know so much about fitness and eating healthy, but choose not to do it. That is something I would like to change. There may be blogging involved.

- I am really easygoing. I actually teeter on the edge of shy…which is funny because to people who know me, I am probably the least shy person ever. But for some reason I am extremely intimidated at BlogHer. Intimidated at a blogging convention but not afraid to ride the mechanical bull at a packed bar. Huh. Who would have thought.

- My husband is coming along. He is pretty bold, don’t be surprised if he hits on you…right in front of me. I know he’s joking so it doesn’t bother me. Don’t take him seriously when he asks you to come back to our room with us. I wouldn’t do that (anymore, I’m almost 30, gosh)

- Here’s a random picture I took. I am just going to open up my desktop and pick the first one that seems interesting.

Oh look, it’s the picture that’s hidden in my header. The middle picture. I will tell you a little about it. It looks like it’s raining, but it wasn’t. It had just rained. We had the sprinkler on for him to play in…fake rain, I guess. I snapped the picture and loved how it turned out.

Got any questions? Ask. There may be a quiz.


To keep with the #BlogHer12 theme, tomorrow I’ll be posting about the companies that I asked for sponsorship from and then on Tuesday I’ll post who said yes… my awesome, wonderful (item) sponsors*. I’ll be introducing you to their companies and what they are all about.

*We are paying 100% for our trip to BlogHer, including the conference tickets themselves. I did not receive any paying sponsors, only items that I’ll be bringing along and showing off on my body. You can ask me about them if you see me!


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